Find peace and serenity in the heart of Wayzata

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Allow us to remind you that you are precious and deserving of radical self care

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The Vi Difference:

The difference is, I want to promote our clients coming in because they know themselves and trust themselves and want to radically care for themselves, not because of a belief they hold that just isn’t true “if I get rid of my wrinkles, I will find love. If I lose weight, my people will treat me better, if I get filler, I’ll be pursued” No. I will find love because I love myself and exude love, I will lose weight because I want to feel better and healthier and I will get filler because when I look at my full lips in the morning, I feel joy about what the day will bring and I choose Vi because nobody there thinks I need to be helped or fixed. I choose Vi, because it feels like someone is taking my hand and guiding me to my favorite parts of myself. I choose Vi because they serve in a way that feels safe and non judgmental and authentic and tender and connecting and that feels like love. I choose Vi because I love myself enough to choose to take intentional care of myself and I deserve humans that intentionally want the same for me. There is nothing at Vi that can make our clients love themselves more, that type of self love comes from the client’s power and work and growth; and we can meet them where they are at; take their hand and walk along side them. That’s it.


Vi Beauty Lab

The pinnacle of Wayzata salons and spas. Situated in the idyllic heart of Wayzata, Minnesota, we proudly offer an unparalleled wellness experience that sets us apart from any other medical spa. When you search for a “beauty lab near me,” our name shines as a testament to our commitment to exceptional beauty treatments and unwavering dedication to your well-being.

What makes Vi Beauty Lab your first choice when looking for a spa in Wayzata? it’s our unique blend of connection and innovation. Our experts bring together the very latest in beauty science and transformative treatments, curating personalized experiences that inspire and impact. We understand that self-care isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. And here, in our beautiful space, it’s transformed into an exquisite art form.

Among all salons in Wayzata MN, Vi Beauty Lab stands out as a sanctuary that captures the essence of radical self-care. Our tranquil, light-infused space provides an inviting retreat from the hustle of daily life. Envision a lake spa in Wayzata where the calming energy of nature intertwines with avant-garde beauty treatments, forming a haven of wellness designed for you.

Disrupting Traditional Ideas Surrounding Beauty, Vi Beauty Lab invites your precious hearts into the conversation.

When you’re looking for transformative lash and brow services, effective facial treatments, or pioneering medical spa services, Vi Beauty Lab has the team and the technology; and what they bring in spades is their big bold hearts. We all want to feel seen and understood by our provider. It is scary to tell a human that you would like to make a change to your appearance or to adjust a thing that you see in the mirror each day. We are told caring about these things is superficial. At Vi, we just do not believe this is true. We believe making a small superficial change, can make a substantial impact. Even moreso, we believe that being cared for in an authentic way by another human is connecting and necessary. We are certain that being listened to without judgement is nourishment for our hearts. At Vi, we believe that the substantial and the superficial crash into one another, somewhere between your smile and your precious soul; we call it superstantial and it is a big deal. We do not just want to serve your skin and body authentically, we want to take very good care of your heart along the way. We believe we are all meant to find our own way to love the world; ours is to serve you. We’re dedicated to nurturing a deeper connection within you, a connection that empowers you to show up authentically and love the humans in front of you. We are intentional in the way we serve, your beauty shines from within, we see it and we are on the edge of our seats to watch you reveal it to the world.

As the leading med spa in Wayzata MN, we are obsessed with caring for you and have created an atmosphere that encourages vulnerability and self-exploration. Vi Beauty Lab is a place where you can pause, breathe, reconnect and remember your authentic self. Our personalized care routines and bespoke services are designed to nurture your spirit and enhance your natural beauty, delivering an experience that transcends traditional spa philosophies.

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Vi Beauty Collab Events

Vi Beauty Collaborative Events are vibrant gatherings where individuals come together to celebrate the joy of feeling and looking good, sharing inspiration and experiences in a supportive community.

Spa Offers and Packages

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Wayzata Medical Spa

Let us welcome you on an immersive beauty journey. Our skilled practitioners, The Vi Collaborative, are here to support you, offering their expertise and intention to make each visit a memorable one. Connect in our beautiful space, and you’ll discover how we’ve earned our reputation as the trusted spa in Wayzata MN.

In the world of Wayzata salons, our spa is set apart. We understand the transformative power of self-care and are here to guide you through your journey. We show up with collaborative spirits; when you are seen by one of our team, you receive the expertise of our entire team. That is why we say, “when you get one of us, you get all of us”. Every aspect of Vi Beauty Lab – from our warm, welcoming collaborative team to our innovative treatments – is focused on helping you embrace this journey and live life authentically.

Your search for the perfect “beauty lab near me” ends here. We invite you to experience the unique blend of being seen and heard, personalized care, and cutting-edge treatments at Vi Beauty Lab. We are more than a Wayzata salon and spa – we’re a community of professionals dedicated to enhancing your well-being, celebrating your uniqueness, and elevating your self-care journey so you can leave and love the humans in front of you.

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Welcome to Vi Beauty Lab

This is the gritty, searingly difficult work. Looking in the mirror and loving that precious human looking back at you, surprisingly, it’s work.

Monday to Friday 09:00 - 20:00 hrs
Saturday 09:00 - 18:00 hrs
Sunday 09:00 - 18:00 hrs


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Vi Beauty Lab

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